As a child, Corinne had always dreamt of becoming a clown: she had a passion for the world of circus. She passed her Bac (high school diploma) at the age of 16 and left home at 17 to go to North America. She hitch-hiked around the USA and Canada where she enjoyed many new encounters and experiences and where she also had the opportunity to live for a while on an Indian reserve.


Back in France, she followed her first passion and enrolled in a studio managed by Mr Yves Quinio. She spent three years learning how to be a clown, performing acrobatics, thinking about her relationship with the public, and improving her knowledge of herself. With the company, she set up successful street theatre shows.


At the same time, she studied theatre studies, and stage art at the Faculty of Arts in Aix en Provence and received an IFCA diploma for actresses. With her mother she built up a restaurant called "La Laitue" and, whilst working as a waitress, she took an English degree. At that period, with the stage company, she performed -at the "Relais Culturel" in Aix en Provence- in a play by Berthold Brecht from the Opera de quatre sous, then she performed in a play called Jenny des Lupanars in which she sang on stage for the first time. She later performed in plays by Molière including Les femmes savantes and Le Médecin malgré lui.


When Yves Quinio gave up work and when the municipality decided to close the theatre, Corinne, a strong believer of destiny, settled down in Paris and gave clown and acrobatics lessons for three years in the TAÏ theatre which was managed by Alain Illel. He also allowed her to use the theatre for two months so that she could present her own one-woman-show called Femme Clowne.


In 1981 Corinne auditionned for the lead role in the TV production Marianne une étoile pour Napoleon. During the 18 month shoot, Corinne learnt fencing, horse riding, and performed her first stunts/acrobats (an early indication of the Femme d'Honneur to-be) and the producer, Henri Spade, gave her her real first chance in TV film: the beginning of her career in the limelight… She continued with Hôtel de Police, le Château adapted from the works of Kafka, Catherine and La Rumba from Roger Hanin who was to invite her on stage as his Celimène a few years later. In 1988 she performed in her first full-length film in Charlotte Silvera Prisonnières (winner of the Georges de Beauregard Award) with Annie Girardot, Marie-Christine Barrault, Bernadette Lafont, Milva, Agnès Soral, etc...


The offers were flooding in but these were unfortunately directed at her beautiful body. These offers corresponded neither to her desires nor her values. Therefore, turning to her linguistics abilities (she speaks several languages perfectly), Corinne Touzet began considering offers coming from foreign countries (Great Britain, USA, Italy, and Germany) which meant that she had to leave France , which would quickly forget her.


She interpreted wonderful characters endowed with real profoundness which satisfied both her ambitions as an actress and her preoccupations as a woman. She compelled recognition because of her qualities in Anglo Saxon productions (BBC & NBC). She appeared in films such as Liberty recounting the life of the sculptor Bartholdi who won eternal fame for the The Statue of Liberty that he designed. In this film, Corinne was the Muse who inspired him. She also played in The first circle of Soljenitsyne directed by Sheldon Larry with Robert Powel (Jesus of Nazareth) and F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus) : this film shoot revived her passion for Canada and she travelled for her first time to Russia. She was nominated as "Best Actress" at the TV Awards. She also played in Red Fox by Ian Toynton with John Hurt (Elephant Man), Jewels directed by Roger Young and last but not least Charlemagne.


After her exile from France, Bernard Uzan asked her to play in Lulu, roi de France alongside Richard Bohringer. This comedy was a true success and thanks to it, Corinne started anew in France and returned with force to our screens particularly with Le Bébé d'Elsa (Elsa's baby) produced by Michael Perrotta (the best ratings of that year for France 2). This was one of the most beautiful characters that she has played. This was a dramatic role of a women who lost everything and who regained her self-confidence and strong will to seize the day thanks to the birth of her grandson.


Corinne Touzet got in contact a few years later with Michael Perrotta as she wanted him to direct her first film as a producer called Et demain Paula At that time TF1 contacted her asking her to be the lead role in Une Femme d'Honneur and after two years of negotiations and redrafting, the project was realized. Marion Sarraut was chosen to direct the first part of that television series. This pilot project attracted 12 300 000 viewers. This unquestionable success represented the beginning of what is now considered as one of the most watched television series in France. Viewers nominated Corinne as 'Best actress' in a TV film in 1997 during the "7 d'or" ceremony. After that, following 4 serials per year, this Une Femme d'Honneur still had the strong support of the public, they never failed her.


But Corinne, even if she put a lot into this character, didn't want to be considered just as a chief warrant officer. She wanted to vary the kind of characters she played. She went to Ceylon (used to be know as Burma) under harsh climatic and political conditions (the country is at war) to play in the TV film D'or et de Safran in which she is a reporter and photographer who wants to show the rest of the world the reality of the country. We can also see her in two TV films written and directed by Thierry Redler, a good friend of hers, who deals with adoption and juvenile delinquency in a deeply moving manner. Those two TV films were a great success.( La traversée du Phare and Les Inséparables)


In 2000, Corinne Touzet created her own Production Society (Corilan’ Productions) helped by a friend of her Nguyen Thi Lan. From drama to pure comedy, many projects came into being. Therefore Corinne was no longer imprisoned within the role of a police woman, and was able to create herself whatever story she wanted to produce. It is not a coincidence if Corinne Touzet calls her movies: her “babies”.


Her first production broadcast in 2001 was La vie au grand air, directed by François Luciani, starring Christophe Malavoy and Micheline Presle. A spirited comedy where we could discover a Corinne Touzet : Miss Catastrophe, bird-brained, brave and strong willed. An oyster-farmer determined not to give up her family business to a powerful financial firm. Corinne, in this movie, protected environment and her family patrimony. It is also the story of a woman whose love is compromised by a secret...


Her second production Et Demain Paula ?, co-starring Tom Novembre, bravely tackled –without becoming a bleak picture- the problem of homeless people (SDF) and their obstacle course in a society which reject them, from their fall to their rebirth. It was an outstanding performance, simple and unpretentious, a scenario and a direction of a rare soundness. A movie quite simply very moving! A risky bet since people could have refused to follow her in such a story but once again around 9.000.000 admirers watched the movie. Corinne declared on a press conference “Paula is moving me. We have succeeded in saying exactly what we wanted Paula to say. If the movie is transmitting a positive message, then we will have won. I will always be proud of having produced such a movie.”


In 2003 came Valentine (The Pygmalion of the vineyards), directed by Eric summer co-starring François-Eric Gendron and Arnaud Binard. Valentine is an endearing character, natural and romantic as you could meet in Provence markets... A character which seduced a wide public being alternately whimsical, touching and funny... Valentine was a great success and was edited in DVD for Mother’s Day that year.


In 2004 was produced Un Parfum de Caraïbe (A scent of Caribbean) new collaboration with the director Michaël Perrotta co-starring Joby Valente and Jean-Claude Adelin. For Corinne Touzet, this movie was an opportunity to resume with her roots. The day of its release 9.700.000 admirers enjoyed the story of Agnès Merline, creating perfumes for a great company, which goes to Martinique, discovering an unknown part of her past, and helping a grand mother she has never seen before...
This was an action-packed comedy. Although it is not an autobiographical movie, Corinne dedicated it to her grand mother Mammy George. This movie was edited in DVD in 2006.

At the beginning of 2005 Corinne produced her fifth movie called L’Enfant de Personne directed once more by Michaël Perrotta. Corinne stars a woman who became amnesic after a bus accident and who has to fight to recover memory and get back the custody of her son. This movie in two episodes has been broadcast on September 2005 in France and realised an audience of more than 6.000.000 people for the first one, and 7.000.000 for the second one.


The same year, Corinne produced her sixth movie called Maldonne (Juliette’s winning hand). The main character of this movie is starred by Alice Bromberg a little girl of 9 years old who is suffering from muscular dystrophy. She plays the role of Juliette. Juliette’s father abandoned woman and child when he discovered Juliette’s muscular dystrophy. Juliette feels responsible for the departure of her father therefore she tries everything to find a new companion for her mother (interpreted by Corinne Touzet)


This comedy is lively and moving, full of fun and energy… at the very image of Corinne and Alice. Maldonne is a message of hope and a new look at handicap. The movie has been broadcast on TF1 on 1 February 2006 and was a tremendous success: there were 10.700.000 admirers to enter Juliette’s life.


A couple of weeks after the broadcasting of Maldonne, Corinne flies to « la Réunion » to play in the Summer saga of France 2 Les Secrets du Volcan, together with Maria Pacôme, Véronique Jannot, Didier Cauchy and Mélanie Maudran.


In 2006 Corinne creates her new Production Company Yes Productions and starts filming Valentine & Cie, the sequel of Valentine, which she produced in 2003.


For the association Un Regard, Un Enfant, Corinne makes a documentary in the south of Morocco. It highlights the work realized by this association which opened a center for street children. Un article and pictures were published in TV Mag in January 2007.


From October to December 2006, Corinne is the spokeswoman for the new campaign of l’AFIPA. They want to forbid the marketing of cats and dogs fur in France. This campaign mobilized hundreds of millions of people in France and Europe.


Valentine & Cie is broadcasted in Belgium in March 2007, in Switzerland in April and in France in October. The film stood up to the American television series broadcasted on a competitive channel and scored 7.538.440 viewers, which represents an audience share of 30.6%.


2007 stands out by the announcement of Corinne to stop her rôle in the series Une Femme d’Honneur. In June 2007 she plays in the two last episodes. She comments her decision in several magazines and newspapers among which the american magazine Variety. “When we finished the last episode in June, I cried my eyes out. Everybody was sad and cried. After all, I lived with Isabelle Florent for 11 years… (…). I could have continued Une Femme d’Honneur, I could have done what most actors do, stay home and wait for the telephone to ring, say my lines and return home at the end of the day... but this is not my style.”


In September 2007, Corinne starts filming her eighth production
Mouloud au coeur. She says about this film « Mouloud au coeur is a novel by Catherine Lévy. This true story has touched me deeply when I read it and I wanted to make a film of it. This novel tells the story of Mouloud, a young boy suffering from a heart malformation. He comes to France for heart surgery made possible thanks to the association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, from Professor Francine Leca. She saved the life of more than a thousand children by operating on them for free. It concerns mostly disadvantaged children from Africa or elsewhere. Catherine Lévy has temporarily accommodated such children and felt the need to write down her experiences. I felt the need to personify her. »


As from January 2008 Corinne will be in the play Mobile Home written by Sylvain Rougerie, directed by Anne Bourgeois with Jean-Pierre Bouvier, Sylvain Rougerie and Jean-Michel Portal. Return on stage thanks to a tour in province, in Belgium and in Switzerland which will enable her to meet with her audience, always warm and faithful.


In 2009 Corinne signs a contract with TF1 and takes on the role of Louise Verneuil in INTERPOL. The pilot is a great success and TF1 decides to make a series out of it. Corinne shoots the first serial of INTERPOL. This shooting brings her into many countries: Belgium, Egypt, Italy. Despite an original American-like concept (high tech material used by the characters, international dimension of the investigations, short scenes which follow one another very rapidly…), the character (Louise Verneuil) Corinne plays, does not fully correspond to the expectations she has… She, therefore, decides to stop with INTERPOL after the completion of the first serial. Corinne prefers to play characters which are surprising, destabilizing…roles that are challenging and offer her the possibility to probe, to discover things she has never done, to go beyond what is expected from her.


During five months in 2010 she plays, together with Jean Luc Reichmann and Bernard Dheran, Personne n'est parfait. The public goes wild and the numerous fans come from all over France, Belgium and Switzerland to admire Corinne every evening on stage at theThéâtre des Variétés. The play is a real success.


From 6th till 23rd December 2011 Corinne Touzet and Fred Nony are on stage in a play called SOIF at the theaterLe Petit Saint Martin.


In 2012 Corinne produces the thriller Un crime oublié, directed by Patrick Volson. With her in this movie are a.o. Guillaume Cramoisan (Valentine & Cie) and Xavier Clément (Platon in Une Femme d’Honneur). This film was shot at the Haute Savoie in extremely difficult weather conditions (very severe winter) which results in a very convincing atmosphere. When it is broadcasted in October 2012, it seduces more than 4 million viewers of France 3.


When Un crime oublié is broadcasted, Corinne launches a new humanitarian campaign for the association Un Regard Un Enfant MAROC. Due to the economical crisis, fewer people make donations and the association has difficulties in keeping up the functioning of their center in Morocco. Therefore, it proposes to “sponsor” a child: “follow its education, able to make contact a.o. via e-mail, receive a reply, visit the child, the Riad is open to everyone. It is a great idea! This way sponsors can commit themselves for a year or more and feel useful. It is more fulfilling and constructive than just a financial donation.”


In order to make surfers aware of this campaign, Corinne decides to put on her site the documentary « Les Enfants d’Agadir » so that it can be watched by everyone free of charge.


From September to December 2012, Corinne and Fred Nony go on tour with their play SOIF throughout France and Switzerland, to end on 8th December 2012 in the French Drancy. You will find a trailer on this page of the website:

The year 2013 was an intensive year of hard work. Corinne Touzet is involved in two TV movies and a play.

She produces and plays a part in the thriller La malédiction de Julia,  the shooting of which happend in the Norht of France. Corinne has the leading role. The other actors are Georges Corraface, Bruno Slagmulder, Philippe Nahon and Sophie de Fürst. This new TV movie produced by Yes Productions  is a real success with 3.670.000 viewers, which represent 18% of market share . It competed at the   Festival du Luchon  from 12th till 16th February 2014 in the category of "Unitaires Mini-Série".  La malédiction de Julia  generates for the public channel the largest audience « fiction unitaire » of the season on a Tuesday evening.  

In 2013 Corinne also plays a part in  Un si joli mensonge for the channel France 3, together with Francis Renaud, Anémone and Emma Colbert. This is the official summary: « A comics writer in his forties falls in love with a dermatologist. He is passionately in love and he wants a child immediately. However Christine, who is still a very beautiful woman, lied about her age. She is not forty two as she told him but fifty, the age of physiological changes for a woman. Completely tangled up in lies, Christine wants to tell the truth during a family weekend put in place by the mother of Bruno. However, the presence of the ex wife of Bruno, the engagement of 'their' daughter, the arrival of the family-in-law make it unbearable for Christine ! »

During the summer of 2013, Corinne Touzet and Jérôme Anger play Une Journée Particulière,    adapted from the movie by   Ettore Scola at the Festival d'Avignon. French texte by Huguette Hatem, direction and stage design by Christophe Lidon.  Actors : Corinne Touzet, Jérôme Anger, Huguette Cléry, Fabrice Michel.

A lot of cheering for the new production of Corinne Touzet at the  Théâtre du Chêne Noir at the Festival of 2013 :

« At a time wen society wonders about "a marriage for all", so obvious for some, so difficult to bear for others, the theatre gives us the opportunity to look back and better understand where we come from, what we wish and which kind of future we choose when it comes to love. 

This « journée particulière » (particular day), which was told so beautifully by Ettore Scola, is a unique moment with no barriers, no prejudices but surrounded by racism, extremism and violence. The story which unites Antonietta and Gabriele reminds us of a time, not too far away, where homosexuals were deported and women forced to remain silent and confined to "serve". So, yes, this day is particular in a way that, during a couple of hours, a wind of liberty will blow on the terrace of the building where Antonietta lives and open the mind of Gabriele, allowing a fleeting passion, unexpected but intensive.

The critics are unanimous. Le Figaro publishes the following article : Corinne Touzet and her 'Journée particulière'

It was far from certain. To adapt a masterpiece of the Italian cinema such as "Une journée particulière" by Ettore Scola, for the scene and played by television actors, was pure madness. However, the play directed by Christophe Lidon seemed to be well-made. 

Putting a lot of gentleness and sensivity into the part of Antonietta, Corinne Touzet succeeds in moving the audience. Antonietta is the mother of a large number of children, very diligent and submissive to a macho type of husband. In the role of Gabriele (Marcello Mastroianni in the movie), Jérôme Anger is very convincing as a brilliant intellectual, rejected by the radio because of his homosexuality.

Numerous articles are published (they can be viewed on our website under ARTICLES). A tour is programmed for 2014-2015.

From Octobre 2014 till January 2015, the public can discover this great performance and production across France, Belgium and Switzerland. 

In 2016, Corinne Touzet accepts to participate in the television series  Meurtres à for the channel France 3. She plays the leading role of Sandrine Zermatten, a Swiss police officer in Meurtres sur le lac Léman.  When broadcasted on 21st May 2016 it reaches more than 4 700 000 viewers, i.e. 20% of market share, even though it has to compete with a football match PSG / Marseille on the channel France 2.

In 2016 Corinne Touzet produces and creates her new play Un Nouveau Départ by Antoine Rault (nominated twice at the "Molières") at the  Festival d’Avignon OFF with Christian Vadim. It is a huge success and the Théâtre des Variétés in Paris proposes to programme the play in January for a period of five months. Thereafter the team goes on tour in France from September 2016 till May 2017. It is an amusing, loving and optimistic adventure.

« On Christmas Eve Catherine comes home bringing Christmas presents and food. A homeless man lies in front of her door. Her daughter shouts at her that she hasn't got a heart and to prove her otherwise, Catherine invites the man to share their Christmas dinner. She ignores that this man will turn their lives upside down... ».  This play has been filmed and was broadcasted on the channel TMC in France.

In July 2017 Corinne Touzet is present again at the Festival d’Avignon OFF with her new play Voyage en Ascenseur, which she also produced and which is written by Sophie Forte and directed by Anne Bourgeois.

"I am a producer since 17 years and I have always wanted my projects to represent facts of live, such as homeless or handicapped people and with Voyage en ascenseur I wanted to highlight racism and intolerance. My roots are in the West Indies. My grandmother was West Indian and I found it important to produce this kind of play in full election period and show it at Avignon and thereafter in Paris and on tour. Under the guise of a comedy in which two people are blocked in an elevator during four days..."

This play is one of the successes of the Festival 2017. The incredible large number of people viewing the play and reacting in a warm and kind way made it a great and stimulating moment. Voyage en Ascenseur will go on tour as from September 2018.

Corinne Touzet is currently involved in a project called  45° written by Delphine de Malherbe and Fabienne Facco and which will be her first movie as a director for the film business or television.