Théâtre Rive Gauche - Paris 2018

Les réservations sont ouvertes pour la pièce de théâtre "Voyage en ascenseur"  à partir du 18 mai 2018 à Paris.
Une comédie de Sophie FORTE
Mise en scène Anne BOURGEOIS
Corinne TOUZET
Du mardi au samedi à 21h
Matinée le dimanche à 15h 

Happy New Year 2018

Hello everybody,

Another year full of lovely moments and contacts has passed.

The play at Avignon was a great success, although it was far from certain, and this makes me proud.

Anne Bourgeois and I did a lot of thinking beforehand and I very much like the production of this play: original and strong. The play in itself is intelligent and funny. It will be on tour as from January 2019.

We are in contact with several theaters in Paris for 2019 but nothing is certain yet.

In the meantime I have secured the rights of two great American plays. One of them is the adaptation of this magnificent « Tendres Passions », a movie by James L Brooks, which won 3 Oscars, with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson. Pierre Laville is currently working on the French adaptation. It will be very intersting and has never been created in France before. I will keep you posted.

I also found a partial financing for my first film, thanks to Belgium. I still need a lot of money but I am happy to have found a partner who likes our scenario. At last!!!!! This will help me to keep going, smiling and to believe in it when I am tired.... The scenario is being read by three other companies and I am waiting for their reaction.  

I am currently talking finances for a co-production with "Le Grand Théâtre de Paris" for 2020 with Mr Pierre Arditi. This will be a great honour for me.

As you can see I was not bored at all this year and I still have plenty of surprises...

For this year to come I wish you all a lot of love and peace.

More and more we have to fight on our own and to hope as our Society, our Planet is in great difficulty, in great danger. I think that this fight is much more important than rumours, bad mouthing or jealousy. Don't pay any attention to these as it is a waste of energy.  Energy we need to continue facing difficulties, problems, sickness and to progress, to create, to forget...don't waste it in useless battles. It is precious for the children, the family, love and friendship. I know by your letters that some amongst you are facing difficult times and I will not forget you.

Thank you for your beautiful letters and presents, your drawings and poems, for confiding in me and for your friendship. And for being there, with me.

I wish you a beautiful year.

Good health.

Happy New Year.

Corinne Touzet.

31st december 2017

New videos

Please discovert our two updates.


One video including clips from several movies : Drama, Action, Comedy, Thriller. Some of them produced by Corinne Touzet Yes Productions.


One video with excerpts from two Historical Dramas « D’Or et de Safran » (Birmany) and « Mister Bob » (Congo).


Have a nice week


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Projects 2017 2018

Currently being developed :
- First feature-length film
 « 45 Degrés » written by Fabienne Facco and Delphine de Malherbes

Looking for financing and partnership :
- « Un Nouveau Départ » by Antoine Rault adapted from the play- project for television movie for
France Télévision.

- Preparation of the tour with "Un Voyage en Ascenseur " Winter 2018

- Financing of the next play 2019/2020, directed by Christophe Lidon with Pierre Arditi.

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