I will return to Lyon for the third time, after « Interpol » and « Un Crime Oublié ».

The shooting of the film « Un si joli mensonge » from Alain Schwarstein for France 2 will start next week and last for 4 weeks.

These are my partners: Anémone et Francis Renaud.

I will send you some souvenirs from the shooting as usual.

Write to you soon.

Corinne Touzet

10th Novembre 2013


Exclusive videos "La Malédiction de Julia"

All videos published in this message are personal to Corinne Touzet. The reproduction and usage of the contents (texts, images and pictures) published by the website is only allowed for personal and private use.  
Any other reproduction and usage is strictily forbidden.

Hello everybody,

Thank you for all your support and little lucky charm presents...

As a token of my gratitude, I decided to offer you in preview some videos of the shooting.

As you will see, we had to create a fire in an enormous warehouse and this took us all was a complicated but very interesting experience. Everybody worked together in the smoke, carbon monoxide, dust and heat....! Oh it was so hot Sourire !!!!

But I was very happy to do it. The cameraman was black from head to toes, even more than we were. When the next morning we blew our noses, whatever came out was black Coquin 

The next one is a video of the installation of a long travelling for a relatively long scene with Georges Corraface  in front of a marina.

Then the rehearsal of the scene.

Then the shooting.

This shows how much time is needed until the shooting and also until full satisfaction of the director.

I thought this could interest you.... The videos are very short and not of the best quality of course as Sylvie, our dresser, and Benoit, the assistant, whom I would like thank, had much better things to do. They took the videos in turns with my mobile phone and this is not ideal...but they make nice souvenirs!!!

These will give you a small preview of the movie. We finished the shooting.

The weather was beautiful and we had, as everywhere, Spring time in Autumn in the Nord Pas de Calais !!!! 

And this during four weeks!

The people from the North are, as always, smiling, welcoming, friendly.

The shooting was laborious because of its rythm and the lack of time as a result of the economique constraints. However it was a lovely and warm experience.

The reunion with Georges Corraface  (the father of my son in La Femme D'Honneur) , Bruno Slagmulder , a very good actor who made us laugh a lot, and Philippe Nahon   who played my father (and with whom I played in "Marianne " at the beginning of my career) made me feel so good.  

We were a good team as we were all happy to be reunited. We laughed a lot together as all three made a lot of jokes to ease the atmosphere. As my part is not the easiest one, as you will see, I liked this very much.

To the technicians of France 3 Nord Pas de Calais  who could come across this message, I say CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for your help.

Thank you Emilie for taking some time during her holidays to help me publish these videos in order to give you a little exclusive present for the holiday period!

I hope you will like this new movie "La malédiction de Julia" on France 3 at the beginning of 2014... 

See you soon.

Corinne Touzet

24th Octobre 2013 

Pictures of the shooting!

Hello to all of you,

Corinne Touzet sent me several pictures of the shooting of La Malédiction de Julia for France 3. 

The pictures have been taken by Manuelle Toussaint for Agence Starface. I admit we have placed a rather discrete copyright, but the most important thing is to protect her work and prevent others to make use of these pictures without paying the rights. 

Video extracts will be put on line shortly.

Thank you for your visit!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Projects as from September

  • A thriller   

Corinne Touzet will be shooting a thriller for France 2, directed by Bruno Garcia , as from 10th Septembre. « People will be scared and me too! We will be shooting at Lille and I will be reunited with Georges Corraface, who played the part of my son's father in the series Une femme d’honneur (episode Bébés Volés)". 

  • A comedy

 A comedyAt theAt the end of the year Corinne will also be shooting a television movie directed by Alain Schwarstein for France 3 at Lyon and the region Rhône Alpes.

« A comedy for the whole family about the age of fifty, the menopause. A love story turning up without warning... love at first sight in the life of a 50 year old woman who is completely disturbed by it. She does not quite know what to do as her partner wants a child!!! I am happy to be able to tackle this kind of themes which are rare on television, but which can happy to anyone. Love at first sight, this will interest all women of my age... this movie will probably be shown on television before Spring 2014 or in the Autumn 2014... »

« Une Journée Particulière »  on tour!

between Octobre 2014 and March 2015. 


Message from Corinne on Avignon

Hello to all,

Just back from Avignon where we set up the lights and completed the stage design, I am sorry to have to tell you that it will be rather difficult to meet up with my audience as I always do.

Indeed, in this theater there are 10 plays a day.

We have 40min to take down the stage setting, to put away all accessories, to clean up and to make room for the next play. We have to change clothes and hang up our costumes so as to leave the theater in time.... I cannot walk out until we are all done as we form a team and everyone has his/her tasks to accomplish... We have tried this out and it takes about 40 min.

Therefore, for those who have some patience, I suggest you wait for me at the back of the theater and I will join you after I finished my tasks...for those who are in a hurry or who have other obligations, I am sorry but this is the best I can do.

For those children who are ill and accompanied by their parents and for the people with a handicap for whom the waiting is too difficult, please let us know of your presence via my site and we will try and find a solution with Emilie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

For the rest, all is well and falling into place!!! It will be hard work but it is passionate. I hope you will all be happy and have a good time.

Thanks for your support and little lucky charms which I received!!!

Your support and presence mean a lot to me.

I will soon put the trailer of the play on line as well as some exclusive pictures.

See you soon. Have a lovely summer.



If you find the waiting too long, I suggest you go and have a drink on one of the terraces near the theater, before joining me at the back on the little square in the shade.

For those who have to run and want to give me a letter or a card, you can leave these with one of the people of the theater who are very nice and will hand them over to me the same day.

I hope this helps. If you have any problems, no worries, Emilie will find a solution!