Card Yes Prod - Une maman pour un coeur

 The music of this movie has been composed by Christophe Boutin – Caleson Prod.

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Mouloud au cœuris a novel byCatherine Lévy. This true story has touched me deeply when I read it and I wanted to make a film of it.This novel tells the story of Mouloud, a young boy suffering from a heart malformation. He comes to France for heart surgery made possible thanks to the association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, from Professor Francine Leca. She saved the life of more than a thousand children by operating them for free. It  concerns mostly disadvantaged children from Africa or elsewhere. Catherine Lévy has temporarily accommodated such children and felt the need to write down her experiences. I felt the need to personify her. 
Corinne Touzet

 sujet :
Mouloud a 8 ans, il est marocain. Esther est sa mère pour huit semaines. Il est condamné par un cœur malade, elle va l’aider à le faire réparer.
Son cœur à elle est en sommeil, Mouloud va provoquer indirectement sa renaissance.
C’est une histoire d’amour entre un fils temporaire et sa mère intérimaire.
C’est aussi une histoire d’amour entre un homme et une femme qui se croyaient à l’abri des passions amoureuses.


Mouloud is 8 years old, he is Moroccan. Esther will be his mother for 8 weeks. His heart is sick; she will help him to make it better. Her own heart is dormant, Mouloud will indirectly revive it. It is a love story between a temporary son and a surrogate mother. It is also a love story between a man and a woman who thought they were sheltered from love and passion.



At the time of broadcasting the movie “Une Maman pour Un Coeur”, Francine Leca, professor in heart surgery and founder of the association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, declared: I am delighted. It is important that one talks about this association, its objectives and its needs. I sincerely hope that the broadcasting of this movie will lead to more families applying to join the association.



Esther Weil : Corinne TOUZET

Mouloud Brahimi : Felippi BLANCHARD

Professor Sarlat : Didier FLAMAND

Edouard : Antoine GAUTRON

Myriam : Aurélie VANCEK

Samir : Samir BOITARD 

Technical team

Director : Patrice MARTINEAU

Scenario - Adaptation – Dialogues : Catherine LEVY – (suivi littéraire : Nicole JAMET)

Composer : Christophe BOUTIN

Director of photography : Jean-Louis SONZOGNI

Photographer TF1 : Jean-Pierre AMET

First assistant director : Catherine HOFER

Chief set designer : Philippe HEZARD

Wardrobe mistress : Yvette Frank

Dresser : Carmen INGRATO

Chief make-up : Dominique GERMAIN

Chief hairdresser : Philippe MANGIN

General director : Daniel DACOMO

Casting director : Jeap SIVAGGIANI

 Production company : Yes Productions

Associate production : Corinne TOUZET