Message for the end-of-year festivities

Hello everybody,

We finished the shooting for France 2 a week ago! The title will be either  « La règle du Je » or «Un si joli mensonge ».

We have been so busy that we did not have the time to make any video films. But I can offer you some pictures of the shooting taken by my friend and photographer Manuelle Toussaint (which are of course protected and cannot be downloaded for the moment), which will enable you to sense the atmosphere.

It is an non-typical comedy for the public service and I am anxious to watch the result..! There are a lot of characters in the film. You will see some of them on the pictures but there are more...unfortunately it is very difficult to get them all together at the same time. Therefore, I am showing you a picture of the whole crew Complice.


We have worked hard and I think the result will be good, even if we ran out of time every day. The more actors, the more difficult and complex it gets, but we have all tried to give our best.

I hope you will like those 2 movies, i.e. this one and « La Malédiction de Julia » shot in Lille in October. They are very different and will probably be shown on television before Spring 2014. It has been a long time since I made a comedy.

I cannot give any news to all those enquiring about "Un Regard Un Enfant Agadir". Everything is so complicated and very sensitive there. I will come back to you on this as soon as possible.

Thank you for all the encouragements and for the cards/letters at the occasion of my birthday....I notice that you don't forget me!!!!!Content You have spoiled me with all the beautiful presents...I should scold you againContentand tell you that you should not do this!!

I sincerely want to thank you as this is very moving! They are precious to me and everything suits me fine. You know me so well for having met me at the theatre. Those who have will certainly know whom I am talking about!

Thanks again!

I take this occasion to wish you a beautiful end-of-year. I know from your letters that this year has been hard for many of you.

Never wish a Happy New Year before the beginning of the new year...so, I will not and will write to you again in January.

Take care of and spend some time with your families, friends and all those you love and lit the chimney fire!!!!!

Corinne Touzet

pictures of the shooting here


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