1st DVD set

In this first box you will find L'Enfant de personne, Valentine et compagnie as well as Maldonne
This box contains the 3 movies, a collection of out-takes, making-ofs, exclusive interviews, etc...
The DVD of Corinne Touzet's movies Yes Productions are now also available in unit version
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L'Enfant de personne  -  Valentine et compagnie  - Maldonne

Box 1 Valentine & Cie

A little comment on Valentine & Cie
Back to Châteauneuf du Pape and the magnificent department of the Vaucluse.
Small villages, vineyards, castles...
You asked me so often to interpret Valentine again and, as you, I am very fond of her.
Another collaboration with the authors of “La Vie au Grand Air » (Sophie and Nicole) and the second film made with my friend Patrice Martineau.
A little allusion to my origins...
Corinne Touzet
After having dreamt all her life of marrying her Prince Charming, Xavier de Peyrac, Valentine fell in love with his younger brother Grégoire (Valentine 1), and, since six months, lives with him on the magnificent estate, well-known for the quality of their wine and their family fortune.
The story starts off all rosy. Valentine is happy and wants a baby. Jessica, future bride of Xavier de Peyrac (Grégoire’s elderly brother) prepares feverishly a double marriage, Valentine’s with Grégoire and hers with Xavier. The further Jessica goes in her countdown – D-14 my love – the more psychosomatic problems Xavier has.
« Vava » has not changed; she is still very exuberant and unpolished, despite all the lessons of good behavior, posture and language received from Grégoire in the first movie... It often aggravates Grégoire... but he finds her irresistible just like everybody else because of her good humor, her generosity and her implacable popular logic.
Everything will be turned upside down when someone rings the bell of the castle. Naéma, from African origin, arrives with her son, Momo, eight years old, who runs in the arms of Grégoire, whom he calls daddy.
Valentine feels betrayed and leaves the castle to live with her friend, Nadège, who owns the hairdressing parlor, « Starlook » situated in the centre of the village.
During that time, Alain Ducher, star oenologist, tries to persuade the Peyrac brothers to fiddle with their wine so as to give it a taste equal to all the others and be able to export it around the world. Grégoire and Xavier are tempted because, by favoring the rural aspect and classical production of their wine, they are faced with enormous costs and little return on investment. Valentine, however, made a commitment to Father de Peyrac (who passed away recently) to perpetuate and maintain his wine and she opposes herself fiercely to this decision!
In the meantime, the village is forced to close down its school because there are too little children…and the mayor calls upon Valentine to find a solution... Valentine will fight with all her means and with her usual energy she will try and convince the school inspector to review his decision. Vava, therefore, needs to find families with children who want to come and live in the village. But where, and who???
Xavier’s wedding present for Valentine comes just at the right moment. He found her cousins who live in Martinique and decided to bring them over.
Valentine is flabbergasted when she finds out, together with everybody else, that her family is…Black !
Will the school close down ?
Will that horrible Ducher be able to persuade the de Peyrac?
Will this marriage, which terrifies Xavier, take place?
What will become of Hugues and Louise, Valentine’s cousins?
But most importantly: who will conquer Vava’s heart????
Answers to all these questions will be found in the beautiful sceneries of the “Vaucluse” and its olive trees, Châteauneuf du Pape and its vineyards. They will serve as the settings for this sentimental comedy in the same line as Valentine 1.
Valentine & Cie will make us laugh, smile, cry with its characters full of tenderness and authenticity.

Box 1 Enfant de personne

A little comment on L'Enfant de Personne
My third movie with Michaël Perrotta.
It was a long and difficult way, full of doubt too, because I had to change directors three weeks before shooting. We didn’t have enough money to finish the film when we started and the script was not totally written and approved by Channel 2...
But I decided to start shooting anyway and to find solutions as we went along.
This is the reason why we were all very very nervous and exhausted when we started!
Looking back today, I think all these difficulties made the beauty of the film.
This character was created by Laurence Kilberg, a dear friend of mine, who put a lot of her generosity and intelligence in it. A magnificent part, a magnificent movie.
Laurence has left us in the meantime. However I don’t talk about her in the past tense in the bonus material as it was made before her death. In first instance this annoyed me a lot, but then I realized it is better that way as an author never dies.
She will always be here next to me, to us.
Corinne Touzet
« L’enfant de personne » tells the story of Laura, who has a road accident and who fights back to put together again the puzzle of her failing memory...
Because of a tragic error, Théo, her small son, is taken to a family which is not his. It is also a harrowing confrontation between two women, victims of destiny, two women for the same child.
« L’enfant de personne » tells the story of the emotional reunion of Laura and Pierre who lived with her once... Maybe she got the wrong love story, but she cannot remember.

Box 1 Maldonne

A little comment on Maldonne
Brittany again! Nantes is a very nice town. I had never been there.
A shooting which will always be engraved in my memory.
Meeting this little girl of 8 years old changed my life.
Such a beautiful script.
The big success of this movie boosted me a lot and gave me a lot of energy.
Corinne Touzet
That particular Summer, Sandrine Petit and her daughter, move into their new home, a nice brand new house, very functional and nearing a beautiful residence.
Sandrine is a beautiful woman in her forties, but her features as well as her appearance reveal her tiredness and stress. It is, of course, not easy to educate on one’s own a child with muscular dystrophy.
Juliette is nine years old and moves around in a wheel chair. She cannot lift anything heavier than a fork or a pencil. Her father left her and her mother when the pediatrician announced that Juliette would never be able to walk. And since the time she was able to understand why her father left, she feels guilty and has this one obsession: finding a new husband for her mother.
Once in her new house, she does some sort of casting of the men in her new neighborhood. Some she finds too fat, some too old, some too married… Until she meets their new neighbor: Marc Vaillant, who seems to be the ideal candidate. He is a writer and lives in the nice residence next to them. Ideal candidate…but only in the mind of Juliette!
In reality, Marc is a bachelor, surly and unpleasant, who does not like children and who is the brother of Sandrine’s boss, Charles Vaillant. The latter is the owner of their new house which is very functional for Juliette. He has given Sandrine a discount on the rent but, of course, wants something in return…a payment in kind.
Sandrine’s life, which is not easy, becomes extremely complex. She finds herself stuck between the harassment of her boss and the tricks of her daughter, who puts in place the most eccentric strategies to make her mother and Marc fall in love with each other.
This handicapped child teaches us all a lesson: she succeeds in changing her mother’s life for the better. Being a diligent card player, she looks at life as a card game, where every player has to make the best of it with the cards he received, even if there has been a misdeal (maldonne), as in her case.