2nd DVD Set

In this second box you will find La vie au grand air, Et demain Paula as well as Une maman pour un coeur
This box contains the 3 movies, a collection of out-takes, making-ofs, exclusive interviews, etc...
The DVD of Corinne Touzet's movies Yes Productions are now also available  in unit version
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La vie au grand air  -  Et demain Paula  -  Une maman pour un coeur

Box 2 Une maman pour un coeur

A little comment on Une maman pour un coeur
The third collaboration with Patrice Martineau. I hope others will follow...
Big thank you to Catherine Levy for having written this beautiful story !
Meeting Mrs Leca for the first time was a great moment.
She is indeed a very impressive woman. Firstly because I have a great admiration for surgeons and secondly because she is a female surgeon and we do not get to see many of them. We should not forget that she started her career as a surgeon 30 years ago and that, moreover, she created this extraordinary association in order to help the children and their families.
For 20 years she was head of department at Necker.
Making this film was for me a way of paying a tribute to her but also of showing the public my admiration for these exceptional people, who give and save lives, without putting themselves in the spotlights.
There are many of them in the world. Mrs Leca told me that the fact that more than five million people saw the movie, is very important to her.
The children she operates on will most surely die if they do not get the operation. Sometimes it is too late or the operation cannot be done. In some cases the child has to be operated on a second time as there are post-operative or other problems...
There is not always a happy end as in my movie. I imagine that Mrs Leca has faced very difficult situations.
However, as she told me herself while we were looking through the albums with pictures of her little patients, she also experienced moments of great joy because those sick children become healthy children.
I also want to express my admiration for the families who welcome those sick children. Without them there would be no operations.
The sick children often arrive from Africa and do not necessarily speak our language. It takes a lot of patience and dedication on a day-to-day basis.
The families often have children of their own. When we watch the documentaries on television it is so obvious that the children don’t look at the others in the same way or don’t have the same open-mindedness while having experienced this. It is a very intense and enriching experience for the families and very often, once they welcomed one sick child, they start all over again.
I want to put the link of the “association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque” on my site so as to enable you to learn more about them and to understand why I made this movie.
Corinne Touzet
Esther is a forty year old woman, architect, with two grown up children. She arrived at a moment in her life where one needs change, needs to ‘breathe’ differently and needs to be challenged.
As her son went to live with his father, she decides to take on a new challenge and welcome a sick child of eight years old. This child will die if it is not operated on quickly by the association « Mécénat Enfant Cardiaque » in Nice.
This experience will turn everything upside down, her relationship with her adolescent son who is difficult and tormented, with her brother who needs her in their architect office for a crucial piece of work, with her daughter, who may be the only one who understands her.
But her whole life changes as Mouloud is part of it now. He does not speak French. He has a bluish color because of his heart disease; he observes her with his big black eyes but does not want to be touched by her, although he needs her very badly. She knows that she becomes attached to him and that she shouldn’t, she knows that the habits of his country are very different from ours. How will they be able to communicate? How will he cope? Who is this doctor who seems to be attracted to her and, at the same time, pushes her away? Was she right to engage herself in this adventure?
« Une maman pour un coeur » is first and foremost a story of love and tenderness.

Box 2 La vie au grand air

A little comment on La vie au grand air
This was my first collaboration with Sophie Baren and Nicole Jamet.
Meeting them was important as we made three movies together.
Who says it rains in Brittany?
We had one month of sunshine!
Beautiful pictures from ’Ile de Groix ‘, which is a little paradise as you can see.
Go to Brittany and discover all those islands... it’s beautiful...
France is a magnificent country.
Corinne Touzet
On a little island in Brittany, Juliette Lacombe (Corinne Touzet) manages « la Claire », an oyster-farm which is a family legacy, with her two employees, Eric and “Le Muet”. Bernard Kerouac, (Christophe Malavoy) together with his colleague Stéphane , comes to negotiate the take-over of this oyster-farm in view of transforming it into a thalasso centre.
Although her financial situation is precarious and her banker refuses to help her, Juliette refuses categorically to sell « La Claire » to Bernard. She has the support of her mother, Claire Lacombe (Micheline Presle), who is the mayor of the village and the somewhat ambiguous support of Jules, an old inhabitant of the isle. The confrontation between Bernard and Juliette is rough and moves from blackmail to seduction and gradually to mutual attraction. Juliette and Bernard fall in love with each other.
One evening, Jules disturbs a moment of intimacy between Bernard and Juliette. When Bernard has left, Jules tells Juliette that Bernard is her brother…
Stunned for a moment by this news, the fight between them starts again, each of them not moving away from their position; but how will their mutual desire keep them on the right track...?

Box 2 Et Demain Paula

A little comment on Et demain Paula
My first movie, the one who will always be engraved in my memory.
To interpret such a character was risky and magnificent.
It was my second collaboration with Michaël Perrotta (director of « Le Bébé d’Elsa”) who made one of his most beautiful films.
The fact that you were so many to watch this movie, gave me the energy and courage to go for the other ones.
The exclusive pictures are on the DVD. I hope that you will like them as I have chosen them very carefully.
A big thank you to Roberto Battistini for this very beautiful glance and to his camera which I.. finally!!! succeeded in forgetting as it has no Blimp... ;o))
A big thank you to the pigeons of Paris (see cover of DVD) which were very cooperative.. and thank you Dominique Treibert for feeding them... ;o))
Corinne Touzet
Paula has chosen to become a homeless person. She fled the society, the comfort and the luxury to find refuge in anonymity of the street. She accepted dirt, hunger, destitution and danger to flee a life and reality which had become despicable to her. Two years ago, Paula was a brilliant lawyer with a promising career lying ahead of her. She was idealistic and sincere and worked for a fair justice for everybody. She sacrificed everything for this utopian idea until the day that, following one of her brilliant defense speeches, a murderer is set free and kills two children two days later. That day, she suddenly collapsed. Today Paula is a wreck; she carries the marks of her internal suffering, intensified by the harshness of life in the street. She cynically turns down those who want to help her. Loneliness is the only presence she tolerates.
Serge is a generous man, devoted to those who are excluded from society. Meeting him, arouses Paula’s hatred, indifference and contempt for others. But pure material needs will force her to stay close to him for a couple of days. This is how she meets Léo. He is seven and suffers from severe anxiety attacks which make him withdraw into himself and live in a world of silence and isolation. His disorder is intensified by the distress of his family, who is about to be expelled and his fear for the DDASS centre to which he risks to be sent.
Beyond their respective silences, Léo is irresistibly attracted by Paula. Even the fact that she pushes him away and rebuffs him, does not change anything. The young woman has something fascinating over her and he feels safe with her. In order to communicate with her, he breaks out of his silence and gradually a strange sort of relationship starts between them. Fighting against herself, Paula will be moved by the fate of this child. At the same time she hates him for feeling the way she does, feelings that have become too painful for her. Léo will destabilize her precarious balance, which will invalidate her hatred for others and push her towards the limits of her contradictions. To what extent doesn’t she believe anymore in what she used to be? To what extent is her faith in justice dead? Serge and Léo will be able to break through her indifference and bring her back, albeit for a moment, to living…her part of humanity.
All the pictures of the shooting are an exclusive bonus on the DVD. That’s why there aren’t any on this page.
Thank you for your understanding.
Corinne Touzet