Card Yes Prod-L'enfant de personne

 This movie is very special to me. I play my role with no make-up on, without my hair done, torn internally…this character "haunted" me for two years and nobody believed in it, except Laurence Kilberg (the author) and myself.

I made this movie against the advice of everybody; even the director let me down one month before the start of the shooting. Michaël Perrotta took it on, without arguing, in good spirit and with a lot of courage. I was short of money, the scenario was not finished, the crew was not ready…but I sensed deep down that I had to do it. Laurence Kilberg, who wrote this beautiful story, fought with me; we stood side by side. Pierre Deny, whom nobody wanted, played magnificently. The little boy, who never acted before, turned out to be a little miracle.

On top of it, it was a cold winter. We stayed in Paris for two months. We suffered from snow, frost, the suburbs, the traffic jams, loneliness…but these were all for the benefit of the movie.

Again, thanks to the whole crew!!!

Corinne Touzet


Laura is a young woman who suffers from amnesia since three years, as a result of a terrible bus accident. Just before leaving the revalidation centre, she is told that tests done by the gynaecologist reveal that she has been pregnant. Did she have an abortion? Has she got a child waiting for her somewhere?

Is it a sweet fantasy or incredible reality? Anyway Laura will go and find out who she really is and what her life was before the accident. Why is nobody looking for her? Has she got no family, no friends? Has she got a child? Where is it? Where do you start looking when you have lost all there is, even your own identity…?


A dream cast for a very touching movie. Once again, Corinne has shown her excellent talent for working with children. The way she plays with the very young Baptiste Perré is magical. The young boy has a difficult part to play. At four and a half years old he is told that his real mother is still alive but that she is “totally broken” and that this is the reason why she has not been able to take care of him sofar. This is a marvellous scenario and so right. Amnesia is terrifying and can happen to anyone of us. It makes you think seriously about the precocity of life and of your relationship with others.

Please note the incredible energy of the best friend of Laura, played by Nathalie Corré, and the understanding and empathy of the psychologist, played by Pierre Deny.


Laura DELORME : Corinne TOUZET

Pierre VERNON : Arnaud BEDOUET

Julien BOYER : Pierre DENY

Fanny DIVITTO : Béatrice AGENIN

Claudio DIVITTO : Daniel MARTIN

Théo : Baptiste PERRE

Karine : Nathalie CORRE

Jeanne : Bernadette LAFONT

Benoît : Philippe VOLTER

Lucas : Anthony DECADI

Charlotte : Deborah GRALL

Claire : Juliette CROIZAT

Simon : Nicolas NAVAZO


Technical team

Director : Michaël PERROTTA

Scenario - Adaptation : Laurence KILBERG and Christine COUTIN

Dialogues : Laurence KILBERG

Composer : Alice WILLIS

Director of photography : Jean-Pierre ALIPHAT

Chief decoration : Dominique TREIBERT

Chief editing : Marie-Sophie DUBUS

Chief sound operator : Yves OSMU

Frist assistant director : Gary SAINT-MARTIN

Wardrobe mistress : Yvette FRANK  

Dresser : Françoise MALGOURIS

Chief make-up : Sophie PRE

Chief hairdresser : Sophie ASSE

General Director : Bruno VIGNIER

Casting Director : Marie-Claude SCHWARTZ

Production company : Yes Productions

Associate Production : Corinne TOUZET - NGUYEN THI Lan

Production Director : Jean-Marc ABBOU