Card Yes Prod - Maldonne

The music of this movie has been composed by Christophe Boutin – Caleson Prod.

He kindly authorized us to offer you herewith three mp3 of this movie. Please respect the copyright and only use these mp3 on a strictly private basis.

BOF Maldonne Ballade - Composition Christophe Boutin 

BOF Maldonne Les doigts croisés instrumental  

>>>>> Les doigts croisés interpretée par Corinne Touzet et Alice (Paroles: Mikaël Ollivier- Musique: Christophe Boutin) 

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Maldonne will always remain engraved in my memory thank to Alice. We worked together with Patrice Martineau on this story in great confidence and serenity. Everything I read about this movie makes me very proud. I would like to thank Mikaël Pllivier for the script and Alices parents, who invested a lot of their life en energy into this movie. Without them there would have been no movie.

Corinne Touzet 


Juliette, 9 years old, is a dynamic little girl who suffers from muscular dystrophy. She is frantically looking for a husband for her mother, Sandrine. They both just moved into a beautiful house in a residential area. The house was adapted to the handicap of Juliette to allow her to circulate much easier in and around the house. A new environment brings new neighbours, who are not always very understanding or welcoming, and a new school teacher. However, the only thing which interests Juliette is to find a new daddy for herself and a new partner for her mother. She is convinced that her real father left them because of her handicap. By finding a new man for her mother she wants to make her happy again. Sandrine is a loyal and devoted employee and a considerate and devoted mother. She is often in dispute with her own mother, from who she never received any help. The question is whether Sandrine is ready for a new love in her life. 

Opinion :

A comedy which is full of rhythm, emotions, humour and energy. So are the two heroins (Corinne Touzet and the yound and splendid Alice Bromberg) of this marvellous movie. Maldonne gives an implicit message of hope for people with this handicap.

This is Corinne's sixth production in which she remains true to herself: human and committed. 


Sandrine PETIT : Corinne TOUZET 


Juliette PETIT : Alice BROMBERG 

Jacqueline PETIT : Maaïke JANSEN 

Louisa : Karina MARIMON 

Sophie : Lysiane MEIS 


Leïla : Ibtissem GUERDA 

Nico : Jonathan JOSS 


Director : Patrice MARTINEAU 

Scenario – Adaptation - Dialogues : Mikaël OLLIVIER 

Composer : Christophe BOUTIN 

Director of photography : Jean-Louis SENZOGNI 

Chief set designer : Dominique TREIBERT 

Chief editor : Pascale ARNAUD 

Chief sound operator : Yves OSMU 

First assistant director : Cédric BERNARD 

Wardrobe mistress : Yvette FRANK 

Dresser : Brigitte LE BRIGAND 

Chief make-up : Sophie PRE 

Chief hairdresser : Sophie ASSE 

General assistant director : Bruno VIGNIER 

Casting director : Marie-Claude SCHWARTZ 

Production company : Yes Productions 

Associate production : Corinne TOUZET - NGUYEN THI Lan 

Producer : Jean-Marc ABBOU