Card Yes Prod - Un parfum de caraibe

Ce film portera toujours pour moi le visage de ma grand-mère que vous découvrirez au générique de fin.
Corinne Touzet

This movie will always carry the face of my grandmother which you will discover at the end of the credit titles.

Corinne Touzet

Le sujet :

Summary :

Agnès Merlin, who is a "nose" for a perfume company in Paris, receives a strange message from her grand-mother, she didn't know she had up till now. The latter is old and weak and her family business in sugar cane is now threatened by a real estate company. She asks Agnès to come to Martinique to save the family business. Agnès accepts and she will meet her grand-mother for the first time and get to know the land, she doesn't know anything about. At the age of 40, Agnès is about to return to her roots. She will, at the same time, unveil part of her childhood. She will fight to preserve “Bois Cassé” and will learn to see life differently…  

Opinion :
This is a multifaceted comedy with a lot of action: enquiry, thriller, humour, love story…this movie has it all. A mixture of all these ingredients gives a special perfume to this movie. Although this story is in no way autobiographical, this movie is a real return to source for Corinne, who discovered Martinique at the age of 30.


Agnès Merline : Corinne TOUZET

Mariette : Joby VALENTE

Eric Lefeuil : Jean-Claude ADELIN

Léopold : James CAMPBELL

Sophie Berlot : Emilie ALIBERT

Franck Berlot : Jean-Baptiste MARTIN

Jolart : Roger VAN HOOL

Gilbert Lacase: Vincent BYRD LE SAGE

Odile la Quimboiseuse : Annie MILON

Technical team

Director : Michaël PERROTTA

Scenario - Adaptation - Dialogues : Florence DUHAMEL et Jean-Michel TORT

Composer : Alice WILLIS

Director of photography : Jean-Pierre ALIPHAT

Chief decorator : Dominique TREIBERT

Chief editor : Marie Sophie DUBUS

Chief sound operator : Philippe SCHILOVITZ

First assistant director : Stéphane LE COZ

Wardrobe mistress : Yvette FRANK

Chief make-up : Sophie PRE

Chief hairdresser : Sophie ASSE

General Director : Eric SERIES

Casting Director : Marie-Claude SCHWARTZ

Production company : Yes Productions

Associate Production : Corinne TOUZET - NGUYEN THI Lan

Production Director : Olivier FAY KELLER