Le Figaro : Corinne Touzet and her Journée particulière

Corinne Touzet and  Jérôme Anger - Une journée particulière 

The actress plays the role of Antonietta with a great sensitivity in the adaptation of the famous movie of Ettore Scola at the festival Off in Avignon. 

The success was far from certain. To adapt a masterpiece of the Italian cinema, Une journée particulière , of Ettore Scola for the theater with actors used to television, was crazy. But, the play directed by Christophe Lidon is a success. Corinne Touzet is different from Sophia Loren, except for her looks, but she proves here to be more than just the heroin of the series Une femme d'honneur on TF1. 

She moves the public by putting tenderness and sensitivity into the character of Antonietta who is the mother of a large family, always diligent and dominated by a macho husband. Her partner is Jérôme Anger who plays Gabriele (Marcello Mastroianni in the movie). He convinces the public as an brillant intellectual, excluded from the radio because of his homosexuality.

The historial context, 8th May 1938 when Hitler meets Mussolini in Rome and the festivities following this meeting, bring together two vulnerable and solitary individuals, during one day. The clever set-up of white curtains strengthens the acting and the fear of Antonietta to leave her well established environment. The production is sober, simple and rather efficient. Corinne Touzet and Jérôme Anger found each other [...] In 1998 Jacques Weber played Une journée particulière with Françoise Fabian in Nice and afterwards in Paris. This new version has its place in Paris too.

At the Théâtre du Chêne Noir 8bis, rue Sainte-Catherine 84 000 Avignon (Loc. 04 90 86 74 87 ou www.chenenoir.fr)   until 28th July 1013.

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