Interview Festival de Luchon '14

Everybody knows Corinne Touzet as Isabelle in the series "Une Femme d'Honneur".  However, Corinne has played many roles and she is also the producer of about 11 television movies such as "Maldone" or "Et demain Paula". She is a very dynamic lady and very generous. She has a lot of success on stage also in the play "Une Journée Particulière" which will go on tour from September 2014 till January 2015."Une Journée Particulière" "Une""Une Journée Particulière"  Particulière"P

We have an appointment with her on France 3, Tuesday 25th February 2014 at 20h45 to discover "La Malédiction de Julia" ! 
Julia Gramont  is a proud and beautiful woman with a tourmented past. She leads a large canning company belonging to her family where they manufacture top-of-the-range products in the region of Lille. She sees her company go to pieces because of a criminal sobotage.  On top of this, her uncle gets killed and her daughter is suspected of murder. Fate or curse of the family? Soon Julia will find out that she is the designated victim of an implacable vengence. To save herself she will need to face a painful past and to solve an ancient crime of which she was the main suspect. Her investigation proves to be even more difficult because of her loneliness... 

Distribution :
Corinne Touzet / Julia
Georges Corraface / François
Bruno Slagmulder / Etienne
Philippe Nahon / Julien Gramont
Sophie de Fürst / Esther
Sarah-Laure Estragnat / Marie Duroy
Jack Claudany / Robert