La malédiction de Julia... tonight at La Une (Belgium)

Tuesday 14th January at 20.20 - La Une (Belgium) is previewing La Malédiction de Julia

 Preview : http://www.rtbf.be/tv/thematique/fictionetserie/detail_la-malediction-de-julia-un-thriller-inedit-sur-la-une?id=8169980

  • Duration: 01:39
  • Parental controle: For all

Who wants to destroy the life of Julia Gramont?

This beautiful and proud woman, with a turbulent past, manages a large family business. It is a canning factory of high level products in the region of Lille. Her business is collapsing because of a criminal sabotage, her uncle is murdered and her daughter accused of homicide. Fate or a family curse? Julia will find out that she is the victime of an implacable vengence cleverly planned. To save herself, she will have to face a distressing past and solve an ancient crime of which she is the prime suspect.


  • Director: Bruno Garcia
  • Scriptwriter: Luc Chaumar, Jean-Marie Chavent
  • Text adaptor: Luc Chaumar, Jean-Marie Chavent, Yann Le Gal
  • Screen writer: Luc Chaumar, Jean-Marie Chavent, Yann Le Gal
  • Composer: Axelle Renoir, Sathy Ngouane
  • Actor/Actresse: Corinne Touzet, Georges Corraface, Bruno Slagmulder, Philippe Nahon, Sophie de Fürst


You will be able to watch Corinne Touzet again on La Une on Tuesday 14th January 2014 in "La malédiction de Julia" .  A thriller directed by Bruno Garcia.



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