Card Seulement par amour Jo


Joanna Dolce, famous top model, meets the young Pietro and his father Alberto, famous Italian lawyer, in the waiting room of the hospital. The latter had a terrible accident and while the father stays with his dying wife, the young boy is alone in the waiting room.

Jo suggests taking the young Pietro with her so as not to let him alone at the hospital. This is the start of an unconventional friendship between Jo and the little boy, who reminds her of her own past and her hidden pains. She undoubtedly gives him the help that she would have like to receive when she was a child.

Their obvious complicity seduces Alberto who falls in love with this young woman, whom he does not know anything about. Jo finds out that Alberto is the nephew of her former lover…in order to preserve their love, she decides not to tell him anything. Although Alberto wants her to stop her modeling activities and become a devoted woman, Jo, who cares a lot for Pietro, imagines being able to start a real family. Alberto marries Jo but soon finds out the truth. Following a violent argument, Alberto leaves Jo half unconscious in his apartment and files a divorce…He ignores that she is carrying their child.


This is a very moving film with a tremendous international cast. A drama in which the actors demonstrate a whole pallet of feelings and emotions. Corinne Touzet has a role which is at the same time radiating and horribly dark, swaying from mad love to the terrible loss of a child, from the flashes of the photographers from all over the world to the corridors of a psychiatric hospital when her memories come back to the surface. Joanna DOLCE was raped as a child and assisted at the murder of her mother.

Corinne Touzet brings us from the light to the madness, from love to death but we always keep a twinge of hope…


Joanna Dolce : Corinne TOUZET 

Alberto Fortis : Giuliano GEMME 

Jacques : Marc DE JONGE 

Dora Ratti : Daniela POGGI 

Pietro Fortis : Matteo MOBILIA 

Doctor Chenot : Hélène SURGERE 

Technical team 

Director : Philippe MONNIER 

Scenario - Adaptation – Dialogues : Catherine BORGELLA and France BOURGEOIS (novel by Maria VENTURI , « la moglie nella cornice »). 

Director of photography : Roberto VENTURI 

Production Directors : Catherine LAPOUJADE – Eutizio de SALVATORE 

Chief set design :  Maurizia NARDUCCI 

Chief editing : Suzanne LANG-WILLAR 

Wardrobe mistress : Marie-Françoise PEROCHON 

Chief make-up : Nilo IACOPONI 

Chief hairdresser : Enrico LUZZI 

Casting Director : Caroline SCHWEICH

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