Card Yes Prod - Valentine & Cie

The return of Valentine, after several years of absence, makes me happy

Everybody wanted and still wants Valentine back because of her great heart. 

I am happy to have been able to bring this charatacter to life. Everbody can recognise oneself in this character. She is touching, funny, generous and "different" in this movie as she is going to discover her roots such as I have done and many of us do. It is very important to know where one comes from to be able to get on with ones life. Without it being the intention of this movie, it is also a good way to highlight the difficulties one encounters when trying to settle down in a French village when one is "different". I have been living in the courntryside for more than 15 years.

Comedy is a good way to get a message across and laughter has a saving effect. Laughter has always been my medicine; you may have noticed that I laugh a lot. Valantine tries to be happy no matter what, although this is not always easy for her. 

If we succeeded in making you smile or laugh, we are happy! 

Corinne Touzet


Valentine does not grow vegetables anymore but is about to marry Lord Grégoire de Peyrac. His brother, Xavier, who once was the first love of Valentine, is going to marry Jessica. Amidst the preparation of these two weddings, Naéma arrives with her son, Momo. She is the daughter of the ambassador of Marocco and Momo seems to be the son of Grégoire. Facing this, Valentine decides to hide at her friend's Nadège...


It is a great pleasure to see Corinne Touzet again in the rôle of Valentine…We move from laughter to tears, from moments of total complicity with Nadège to the fighting of Valentine for her little village and for her life…there is magic in the air again!

This movie brings a breath of fresh air and good humour to our televisions.... 


Valentine : Corinne TOUZET 

Grégoire : Guillaume CRAMOISAN 

Xavier : François-Eric GENDRON 

Jessica : Babsie STEGER 

Nadège : Raphaëline GOUPILLEAU 

Naéma : Samira LACHHAB 

Louise : Peggy LERAY 

Hugues : Thierry RENE 


Director : Patrice MARTINEAU 

Scenario - Adaptation – Dialogues : Nicole JAMET – Sophie BAREN 

Composer : Alice WILLIS 

Director of photography : Jean-Pierre ALIPHAT 

Photographer TF1 : Françoise PAGES 

First assistant director : Cédric BERNARD 

Chief set designer : Dominique TREIBERT 

Dresser : Yvette FRANK 

Wardrobe mistress : Françoise MALGOURIS 

Chief make-up : Sophie PRE 

Chief hairdresser : Sophie ASSE 

General studio director : Bruno VIGNIER 

Casting director : Marie-Claude SCHWARTZ 

Production company : Yes Productions 

Associate producer : Corinne TOUZET